Business Funding Schedules

Business Funding Schedules

Business Types Qualified For Express Next Day Funding

• Grocery/Supermarket
• Hair Salon
• Hardware Store/Locksmith
• Liquor Store/Bar
• Medical Services (MD, DDS)
• Music Store
• Auto Parts (only)
• Store Beauty & Cosmetics Store
• Car Wash
• Clothing Store
• Convenience Store
• Deli/Restaurant
• Dry Cleaners
• Duty Free
• Florist
• Gas Station
• Gift Shop
• Photography Studio
• Printing Shop (storefront only)
• Sporting Goods Retailer
• Veterinary Services
For qualifying business types, card must be presented rather than manually keyed in for 70%+ of credit card transactions
Businesses that are not qualified for Next Day Funding are placed on a Traditional Two Day Funding Schedule

Funding Schedule


(Must Batch By 10:55 PM EST)


Next Day Funding
Deposit Day


Two Day Funding
Deposit Day
Sunday & Monday TuesdayWednesday
Tuesday WednesdayThursday
Wednesday ThursdayFriday
Thursday FridayMonday
Friday & Saturday MondayTuesday
Machines can be set to automatically botch at a given time in order to prevent delays in funding