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No Processing Fees

                         Are you looking for a way to pay no processing fees while still offering your customers the convenience of paying with credit cards? We have a great solution for you. Here at Swipe 4 Free, we offer zero fee processing for all our merchants. This can save you thousands of dollars per month, without sacrificing on the quality of the services you are able to provide for your customers. For many of our thousands of clients, this has been the best way to cut expenses they could have imagined.
How can we offer credit card processing services with no processing fees you ask? Well, it is quite simple. Rather than charging merchants the processing fees, we simply pass them on to the customers through a small 4% surcharge on each transaction. This surcharge is paid by the customer right along with their normal purchase so it is fast, convenient, and easy for everyone involved. Merchants don’t need to worry about the high bills or batching problems, and customers still get to use their favorite credit cards to make their purchases.

No Complicated Setup

                         Some merchants worry that there will be some type of complicated setup process that might make it too much of a hassle to allow them to have no processing fees. The fact is, however, that from the merchant’s point of view, there is almost no work involved in switching to our processing services. We will handle everything on the back end, and you just continue to do business as usual.
The most ‘difficult’ part of this process for the merchants is having to train employees on what to say in the rare occasion that a customer questions the surcharge. This takes less than five minutes since the explanation of passing the processing fees on to the customers is so simple. In fact, many merchants just put up a small sign with the explanation printed on it, which eliminates the questions almost entirely. Given the how easy the entire process is for merchants, it just makes sense to at least consider our no processing fees merchant accounts.

Saving You Money Every Month

                           As you undoubtedly know, credit card processing fees can add up very quickly. Depending on the processing company you use, these fees can be 3-4% or even higher, even when using batching. Rather than deal with all this hassle, you can just have us add the surcharge to each transaction so you don’t have to deal with it ever again. You will be eliminating the large merchant account expenses, eliminating the need to go through transaction logs to ensure the processing fees were correct, and saving you money every month! It really couldn’t be better!

Contact Us for No Processing Fees

                         Interested in learning more about how you can have no processing fees for your credit card transactions? Contact us at 1-855-345-0040. We will be happy to answer all your questions, and if you are interested, get you all setup with our service right away. Thanks again for considering Swipe 4 Free, we look forward to hearing from you soon.