Surcharge Processing | Save Money on Credit Card Processing

Surcharge Processing

                           For many businesses, the idea of surcharge processing is very interesting because it could help to eliminate the costs of accepting credit card payments. Using traditional credit card processing services, merchants end up paying thousands of dollars to cover all the costs. With surcharge processing, on the other hand, those costs are paid directly by the customers in the form of a small 4% surcharge at the time of the transaction.
This effectively eliminates the large credit card processing bills that merchants currently have to pay. Depending on the size and type of business, this can dramatically improve your profit margins and bottom line, without inconveniencing the customers at all. We’ve been helping people get their surcharge processing up and running for years, and would love to add you to the thousands of merchants that we work with right away.

How to Setup Surcharge Processing

                            Well the best thing about surcharge processing is how much money you will save, the second-best thing is how easy it is. When you contact us to signup, we’ll handle virtually everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can set you up with high quality credit card swipe machines (with chip readers and near field communication) if needed, and make all the configurations necessary. Once we’re done, you just continue doing business and accepting payments as normal.
The biggest change will be that you don’t have to look at those huge expenses to your business month after month. Instead, you can look at your savings and how much extra money your business is able to keep! There is no need to have any technical experience, and the added training for your employees is just telling them how to explain the change to customers if they should ask.

Very Small Surcharge Processing

                              When customers make a purchase with a credit card, they will see an extra line on their receipt for the credit card processing surcharge. This will be for 4% of the total purchase price. There are thousands of businesses that already use surcharge processing, so most customers won’t even give it a second thought. Those that do question it typically understand why this cost is passed on to them, and have no problems paying for the convenience of using their credit card.

Contact Us for Surcharge Processing

                      If you would like to learn more about our surcharge processing services, or you want to see a free comparison about how much you can save, please give us a call at 1-855-345-0040. We are here for you and your business, so reach out today!